Misrpetrol Egypt

Misrpetrol Egypt

MISR PETROLEUM CO., the National Oil Company in Egypt carried out Engine Tests with RVS Technology products in May 2005.

Major results:

John Deere 6.6 l, Diesel:

 Power output  Torque  Fuel Consumption  Compression
 1.6 %  1.7 %  5.8 %  16.9 %

Fiat 1.6 l, Bifuel (with gasoline):

 Power output  Torque  Fuel Consumption  Compression
12.9 %  4.4 %  5,1 %  19.4 %

 Fiat 1.6 l, Bifuel (with natural gas):

 Power output  Torque  Fuel Consumption  Compression
 2.7 %  2.6 %  5,1 %  19.4 %


  • NOx level had increased in Fiat cases, probably caused by irregulated ignition timing and reduced burning/exhaust gas temperature. This in turn may have affected the proportional portion of CO₂ in the emissions.
  • The total emission level has dropped in all cases, in particular HC and CO emissions.


  • The iddle speed of the engines increased in JD from 600 rpm to 750 rpm and in Fiat from 550 rpm to 690 rpm and the exhaust gas temperatus dropped in JD from 147 ºC to 140 ºC and in Fiat from 202 ºC to 193 ºC.
  • The test with natural gas (CNG( was carried with the same engine than the gasoline test had been done before. The results of the gasoline have affected the results (already treated).

Download the original Report (in arabic)  from this link: Misr Petroleum report (in arabic)

Below are the graphics from the original test report: